30 days ‘Shapes’ – week 1 ‘Rectangles’ – overview

At the moment, I am participating in a challenge at Worth1000 to make and upload 1 picture a day.

My theme is “Shapes”, and in week one, I was focussing on “Rectangles”

I tried to approach this theme in an eclectic way, and to find an as varied as possible collection of subjects, matching the ‘rectangles’ shape.

So here is my first week’s collection (+1 extra):

Time... The memorial gallery and the tree that saw everything Little bears exploring the desk drawers Grazing under the bridge

Early breakfast Let's unload and deliver this, mate Windows on the world "Tell me where you were born"

For week 2, the focus will be on “Squares and rhombuses”
You can follow my daily attempts to explore these shapes on my Dutch Blog or on Flickr :SHAPES ~Steppeland

The blogs or Flickr photo streams/sets of my fellow participants in this challenge, you can find here (hover over the names to see their themes):

celticfrogreviews , kimbomac , sgatanstu, akhenatenor, KatDanson , justjess1974 , CraigMc , Dimfja aka Bruce UC4SP , Secretatlantis , Ercolano , LunaStone , Lmorrow57 , meaghan900 , Kenght , darynthe , MadamMtnLion


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