30 days ‘Shapes’ – week 2 ‘Circles and curved lines’ – overview

In my second week of the “30 days”-challenge, I focused on squares and rhombuses. – Here’s my week 2 overview

Chess ~ Simplicity... Mosaic tiles around the tree that saw everything Small things brought together A trellis for the vine... diptych Squares and fun Blinded roof window Beehive garage squares + lamp

For week 3, the focus will be on “Circles and curved lines”
You can follow my daily attempts to explore these shapes on my Dutch Blog or on Flickr :SHAPES ~Steppeland

The blogs or Flickr photo streams/sets of my fellow participants in this challenge, you can find here (hover over the names to see their themes):

celticfrogreviews , kimbomac , sgatanstu, akhenatenor, KatDanson , justjess1974 , CraigMc , Dimfja aka Bruce UC4SP , Secretatlantis , Ercolano , LunaStone , Lmorrow57 , meaghan900 , Kenght , darynthe , MadamMtnLion


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