My new Greeting Cards store at GCU

Yesterday, July 23, I ‘celebrated’ that it was exactly 2 months ago that my first card was approved at GCU (Greeting Cards Universe). After two months of tedious work, I’m happy to see that, with 30 cards approved, and 108 more cards uploaded and still pending, my little card store there is getting some shape and volume. Now, I’m counting hours till the reviewers, within a few days hopefully, will reach my first cards in the waiting queue, which I submitted on a rate of 2 or 3 a day … So as from now, hopefully, a few new cards will be added to my store every day!
Time to start thinking about a surprise welcome action on the occasion of my “Official Opening” on Friday August 23 !! More news about that soon!
HINT!: One little hint already: If you go over to have a look at my store, be sure to leave a comment under “Testimonial” (scroll down to the bottom of the page) – All comments, suggestions and feed back are most welcome! Thank you for your visit!


Welcome to visit my store and shop my cards!

Please do leave a Testimonial message!


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