Month: June 2014

So let’s see what next …


Amsterdam Street photography couple on terrace planning their next move

So let’s see what next


‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

After a long walk through the busy city centre, they finally found a nice terrace. It takes some time before they are served their drink – so in the meantime: Let’s see what next…


Poster delivery Guys

The posterteam

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Hopping off and on the motorbike’s back seat, to deliver posters in local shops

Cheese Tourism

Cheese Tourism - Amsterdam street photography

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Admitted, they are attractive, decorative and delicious, these huge round ‘Old Amsterdam’ cheeses, piled up in the window display, in yellow and black. And great to take home as a gift after a vacation in the Netherlands too!  The old Amsterdam houses reflecting in the shop window and the everywhere present bicycles add to the ‘typical Holland’ atmosphere…