Month: August 2014

Give me one too…

Family, mom dad and kids, with red bicycles eating salted chips - Amsterdam Street photography

Give me one too

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Family, mom, dad and kids, with rented red Mac Bike bicycles, in the busy touristic centre of Amsterdam. The boy and girl in front of the carrier bicycle eating salted chips, and sharing some with dad – Amsterdam Street photography

Central Station selfie

Two ladies friends taking a selfie at Amsterdam Central Station Street Photography

‘We’ve been in Amsterdam’

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Two lady friends in Amsterdam – just arrived at Central Station, so first things first: let the world know… “We’ve been in Amsterdam!” 🙂

Just having a mouthful

Amsterdam Street photography - Icecream eaters in red and blue

Just having a mouthful

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

When it’s hot, it’s hot – and one needs something to cool down, right? 🙂

Pole Walker

Amsterdam street photography, museum guard placing traffic poles

Pole walker


‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

This museum guard was walking around with two red and white traffic poles under his arms, which he has to place every afternoon to block the traffic in this narrow street next to the Amsterdam museum


Missed shot … or not?

street photographer came late

Missed shot… or not?


‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Oops!! I don’t remember what I was doing… Maybe I was distracted just for a moment. Probably I was just looking in another direction, trying to spot an upcoming event to catch in a street shot… So I didn’t see this coming at all, and only realised that it could make an interesting shot as they were already passing straight in front of me: a whole group of tourists, in a hurry to catch their train, dragging their suitcases on wheels behind them. I still turned and zoomed in, trying to catch them from the back, but… too late! Only the disappearing suitcases on the upper edge of the frame, leaving my disappointed shadow behind them. Still a fun street shot, don’t you think LOL? At least I think it’s comic! Maybe someone can come up with a striking caption? Feel free to give it a try!