the Bijlmermonument

Picking a topic to write about, and the Bijlmermonument

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Picking a topic and making a list

For me, it’s not so much a problem to think what to write about. Rather, to pick one of the many possibilities, and not trying to do them all at once. So as soon as I’ve done my two daily posts ( E and NL) , I will start making a list in Evernote with possible topics, so that I can keep track of all the ideas that come up. Or better, let me open Evernote right away, and jot ideas down as they pop into my head… 🙂

The Bijlmermonument

Yesterday October 4, it was the 22 anniversary remembrance day of the Bijlmer disaster, when an El Al plain crashed in two of the Bijlmer apartment buildings, and 43 people died, with many more injured and traumatized.

I couldn’t be there at the remembrance ceremony, but we’re living so close by the monument that we could hear the music in our living rooms, and I could see still some people around when I passed there later that evening.

22 years ago, and people still remember… This year, the ceremony had a special accent, in the light of the recent disaster with the MH17 in Ukraine, where 298 people died, among whom 196 Dutch. This recent disaster brought so many memories back for people in the Bijlmer, and they expressed their sympathy to the victims and their families and relatives now…

Advise from the Bijlmer to the family and relatives of MH17 victims: make sure there comes a monument, and often seek one another’s company and support – always remember! …

the Bijlmermonument

the Bijlmermonument, with the tree that saw everything, the remembrance wall and the mosaic tiles, photographed sept. 2012


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