On a grey morning in autumn...

Trees on the Heath on a grey autumn morning


Today I went for the second time this week to Bussum. I already went a first time on last Sunday morning early, in the hope to catch the first light of sunrise. Sadly, there wasn’t any visible sunrise then – instead, it rained from the moment I left home, and never stopped raining till I came back four hours later, soaking wet! I hiked for about three hours, exploring the Westerheide, a part of the Goois Nature Reserve where I had never been before. But I didn’t even take my rented camera out of my bag, since I didn’t want to take the risk to damage it.

So this morning, I wanted to try my luck again. I know the Goois Nature reserve is at it’s best during Autumn season – especially since the area has a great variety of fungi. And I wanted to photograph at dawn the part of the heath were I saw those marvellous trees day before yesterday… But again, it was very clouded today, so no sign of a sunrise whatsoever. But at least it didn’t rain. So I did manage to make some great pics of the trees I had seen during my scouting of last Sunday. However, half way through the morning, I must have messed up something with the settings of the camera – I don’t know exactly what I did, but at a certain moment the shutter got a delay of about 12” , and I couldn’t find how to set it back to normal. That’s what can happen when you try out a new camera LOL. So well, that was it, time to go back home anyway… I hope the mushrooms will still be there next time I go… with my own camera then! And the trees, hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 😀

Lonely oak on the Heath.

Lonely oak on the heath.

They can see each other, but they'll never meet...

They can see each other, but they’ll never meet…

On a grey morning in autumn...

On a grey morning in autumn…

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