5 tips for true creative productivity

5 tips for true creative productivity

5 tips for true creative productivity

I was listening today to the interview with Samantha Bennett from at the Creative Summit Series . Samantha shared some tips there that I think are really inspiring and encouraging for beginning as well as experienced artists!

I picked out 5 tips that spoke to me the most, and would like to share my notes with you:

  • 15 minutes a day!

    Procrastinating hurts! Commit to spending 15 minutes a day on the project that matters most to you, BEFORE you check your email.

  • Don’t wait for an A+, get a C

    Perfectionism is a dream killer. Get a C. Quit trying to get an A+ . Get a C : just show up and do the work.

  • Change a barrier into a bridge

    The thing you think is a barrier actually can be the bridge. Change that BUT to an AND. It’s fine to be the way you are, just surf that, use that. BUT can keep you stuck for ever. AND propels it into something that can work for you instead of against you.

  • Hold on to sunshine goals, get rid of shadow goals

    Real goals are sunshine goals, they are inspiring, accelerating. They make you want to start, make a plan. There is a little spark in them. Shadow goals weigh you down, may be tied to a ‘should’ , cause an ‘ugh’ feeling, may be somebody else’s dream for you. Somehow it’s got some failure in it before you even start with them.  You don’t have to hold on to shadow goals, you can set them down.

  • And Remember: The World Needs Your Art

Sounds interesting? Head over to the interview or to Sam Bennet’s website (links above)

More great interviews with leading artists, creatives and coaches can be followed at the Creative Summit Series, organised by Bonnie Glendinning.

30 days ‘Shapes’ – week 2 ‘Circles and curved lines’ – overview

In my second week of the “30 days”-challenge, I focused on squares and rhombuses. – Here’s my week 2 overview

Chess ~ Simplicity... Mosaic tiles around the tree that saw everything Small things brought together A trellis for the vine... diptych Squares and fun Blinded roof window Beehive garage squares + lamp

For week 3, the focus will be on “Circles and curved lines”
You can follow my daily attempts to explore these shapes on my Dutch Blog or on Flickr :SHAPES ~Steppeland

The blogs or Flickr photo streams/sets of my fellow participants in this challenge, you can find here (hover over the names to see their themes):

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Dandelion seeds – filled with dew drops

Photographed in “De Riethoek” (the Reed Corner) , a small natural area in Amsterdam SouthEast, the Netherlands.

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