Becoming a working artist

365 collections by Lisa Congdon

Last week I followed a 3 days on-line course on CreativeLive : “Become a Working Artist” with Lisa Congdon.
It was a great course and you haven’t been able to follow it live, or to see a re-broadcast, it is possible to buy the course in 22 downloadable video segments.  I really recommend it for everyone who would like to make an income by making art. I surely learned a lot and will likely go back to my notes or rebroadcasts in the future.


A collection a day


During one of the sections of the course, Lisa told us about one of the projects she did a few years ago. It’s called ‘A collection a day’ , and that’s exactly what it is: during a whole year, every day, Lisa either photographed or drew a collection, and posted about it on her blog. I was so fascinated about that idea that I went over to take a look at it, and … it’s marvellous! The variation in the objects she collected and photographed is enormous, and the fact that she alternated the photo’s with her own drawings and illustrations of collections made the whole only more colourful and varied.
I LOVE collections too, and have been collecting small, ordinary things of all kinds all my life. The idea of putting them together and showing them to the world is so awesome. It gives the ordinary things that colour and beautify our lives another dimension, and ‘a larger impact’… And what a commitment to do this every day, 365 days, a whole year long! That’s something I would never manage to do. But I would like to do something more with my own little collections too, and Lisa’s project definitely brought me some great ideas!


Day 1: Vintage erasers by Lisa Congdon (*)

Day 331 : Plates by Lisa Congdon (*)

Lisa’s collections are now recently printed as a book, and I think it would be great to have something like that on your coffee table, and to browse through it once in a while. Something for my wish list for sure! So if you love collections too, and would like to have a look, head over to her blog, where you can see all her blogposts online, or to her website, where Lisa tells you about her project, and the way she went about it, and where you can order her book!


Signed Copy of A Collection a Day Book

Book: “A collection a day” by Lisa Congdon (*)

Thanks a lot, Lisa, for a great course, and for this great inspiration!
Lisa’s website:
(*) Photo’s by Lisa used with permission.

Tell me about your collections!

Do you have some collections yourself, and did you ever photograph them or blog about them? If you did, do let me know, I would love to come and see yours!