Spreading it's fall branches gently...

A new 6-day photography adventure

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Today is the first day of a new 6-day photography adventure…

Coming Wednesday, November 19, I’ll participate in a test panel of the Focus magazine, a Dutch photography magazine. They have invited a group of 12 of their readers for a 1 day meeting to test the brand new EISA Award winning zoom lens : the Tamron 16-300 mm F3,5-6,3 Di II VC PZD .

I applied to participate as soon as I read the invitation in the magazine, about two weeks ago, and was very excited to receive an email that I was selected as a possible participant. However, soon enough I would discover that I would not be able to participate with my own familiar Pentax K10 D camera. This new Tamron lens is only compatible with Canon, Nikon and Sony APS-C DSLR camera’s… Bummer!! So what to do?

For a moment, I thought of giving up on the idea of participating, but then I remembered that some time ago, for another reason, I had explored a little on the possibilities of renting a strong telelens for a few days, since I don’t have the budget to buy one. So, if it is possible to rent a lens, then probably it’s possible to rent a camera as well?

So I picked up the research again, and found a few companies in Amsterdam, that are renting out camera’s and other equipment. After long negotiation and emailing back and forth, the first company didn’t work out for me, and again, I almost gave up on the idea. But luckily, I decided to still contact the second company on my list, and there, all obstacles seemed to have disappeared as snow for the sun, and without any complications. And for a much more reasonable price too!! I could order a Canon EOS 7D camera complete with a 18-135mm zoom lens and hire it for a period of 5 days. This would give me the opportunity and time ahead to test and get used to the camera first, before participating in the testing of the new Tamron zoom lens.

So, to make a long story short, this morning I went to pick up the Canon EOS 7D and have been spending a few hours for a hike in the Vliegenbos (VliegenWoods) in Amsterdam North to start trying it out right away. How exciting!! This camera definitely is a higher class camera than my Pentax K10 D, and it’s such a challenge to figure out how it works, and how to get the settings right. And although there is still quite some studying to be done, some of the pics today turned out to be quite nice, so I hope it will only get better in the few coming days, as I continue to get more familiar with the camera.

So here you go for the first few pics made with the Canon EOS 7D. In a following post later on, I’ll tell a little more about the location, the Vliegenbos in Amsterdam North (Netherlands) – For now, enjoy my first autumn images made this year!


Autumn tree in the Vliegenbos in Amsterdam North

Autumn tree in the Vliegenbos in Amsterdam North

Spreading it's fall branches gently...

Spreading it’s fall branches gently…

Colourful beech leaves in fall colours

Colourful beech leaves in fall colours





Day before yesterday, ‘Playful’ was chosen to be featured at the RedBubble homepage. That’s a great honour, and I was so delighted about it, that I decided to make it my second pic to upload to this photo blog.

This photo of this playful group of children is one of a series photographs that is somehow precious to me.
I made them long ago, 1992, when we travelled to Ethiopia for a meeting. It was only a few years after the war, the poverty was appalling… And these kids… they just allowed me photographing them, with a spontaneity that touched my heart.
Even now, so many years later, I still bow for them, in reverence.

Yes, indeed, it was an incredible experience… one never to forget. And that’s exactly what makes these pics so precious…: the images help me to remember, more lively than my memory ever could…

Children of Hosanna, Ethiopia 1992

Photo made with Pentax ME super and scanned from print – © steppeland 1992

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