Beautiful succulent flower - collage

Beautiful succulent flower – collage

Deze blogpost in het Nederlands (link).

I was visiting a friend this week, and she showed me the amazing flower she got on a little succulent plant on her window sill. What a stunning flower in a deep red colour, and all covered with soft little hairs… I never saw something like this! I happened to have my camera with me, so asked her whether I could make some pictures. Of course that was fine with her.  We had to improvise a bit with the placement and lighting, since there was little light inside. And I would have wished that the plant was in a nicer pot… But I was quite happy with the result anyway.
Today I decided to make some of the images into a collage and card-design…   Maybe I’ll do some more photoshopping on it later on. Hope you like it 😉


Beautiful succulent flower - collage

Beautiful succulent flower – collage

Young Eglantine Rose on thorny bush

Deze blogpost in het Nederlands (link)

Young Eglantine Rose on thorny bush

Young Eglantine Rose on thorny bush

Young, soft pink Eglantine rose with yellow stamens and tiny drops of dew on the petals, on an old and thorny bush… Photo made in North Holland Dunes Reserve, June 8, 2014.

The choice for this image to post today was inspired by a poem of georgetteann  : Grief – May this image bring some gentle comfort and hope to anyone who has lost a loved one recently or longer ago – and still silently cries at night about the loss…

Tiny beauty

Last Saturday, we had our monthly workday with the Bijlmerweide volunteers. For me an occasion to, afterwards, still pass by the three little experimental grasslands, where we are making an inventory of the wildflowers growing there. Although from a distance, the grasslands still look very ‘barren’, there were already quite some early spring flowers to be found… Only, one has to bend deep to find them 😉 – This little beauty, klimopereprijs (Veronica hederifolia), was found and photographed on grassland 1 – and also found on grassland 2 and 3. March 17, 2012


Dandelion seeds – filled with dew drops

Photographed in “De Riethoek” (the Reed Corner) , a small natural area in Amsterdam SouthEast, the Netherlands.

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