Stepping up my game ?

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Yes, I so would like to be able to post a little bit more regularly – let us say…. ehmmm… daily??? OMG – Why is it so hard to commit to that? Only a few sentences and maybe a photo every now and then would be enough, right?

My big difficulty is that I would like to do regular blogs as well on my English as on my Dutch blog. So indeed, that’s double work.  And I’m aware that I am so unreliable when it comes to keeping up with my ‘daily’ resolutions… But why not giving it a try anyway? Shall I start today?… I DID!!

Full moon, photographed on sept. 8, 2014

Full moon, photographed on sept. 8, 2014

Fireworks and New Years resolutions

A new year usually starts with fireworks and good resolutions.

But making a start with good resolutions isn’t always as easy, like… how does one start a photo-blog?

Well… with a photo maybe?

Fireworks! 🙂

New years night, Jan.1, 2012

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