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Last summer street shots of the June series

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Well, summer is really over in Amsterdam. Actually, fall has taken over, and it’s beautiful outside. It’s time to get out there for both great autumn street and nature shots. But I’m still a little house-bound because of loads of organisational work to do, so I have to bind myself to my chair for a few days more.

No problem as for the photo blogging though, since I have a lot of great material left to process from the past months of photo shoots on the streets. So now let’sĀ reminisce on a great summer with these last three street photo’s from the June series šŸ˜‰ .

Starbucks morning coffee

Starbucks morning coffee


Los Angeles Team - duo street portrait

Los Angeles Team – duo street portrait


Sore feet

Sore feet



Day before yesterday, ‘Playful’ was chosen to be featured at the RedBubble homepage. That’s a great honour, and I was so delighted about it, that I decided to make it my second pic to upload to this photo blog.

This photo of this playful group of children is one of a series photographs that is somehow precious to me.
I made them long ago, 1992, when we travelled to Ethiopia for a meeting. It was only a few years after the war, the poverty was appallingā€¦ And these kidsā€¦ they just allowed me photographing them, with a spontaneity that touched my heart.
Even now, so many years later, I still bow for them, in reverence.

Yes, indeed, it was an incredible experienceā€¦ one never to forget. And thatā€™s exactly what makes these pics so preciousā€¦: the images help me to remember, more lively than my memory ever couldā€¦

Children of Hosanna, Ethiopia 1992

Photo made with Pentax ME super and scanned from print – Ā© steppeland 1992

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