Sunday Street Day

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It’s a few weeks now that I skipped posting my Sunday Street photo’s, because I had other things to do that had priority. But I don’t want to forget about it all together. So, although it’s Monday night already, here come my Sunday Street shots.

Till now, I picked two different photo’s for my English and Dutch blog, but as of today, I’ll pick two, and post them on both of my blogs. Here they come 🙂


‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

So where for heaven’s sake am I

Amsterdam street photography - #SundayStreetDay

So where for heaven’s sake am I

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Quench the thirsty

quench the thirsty

Quench the thirsty


Give me one too…

Family, mom dad and kids, with red bicycles eating salted chips - Amsterdam Street photography

Give me one too

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Family, mom, dad and kids, with rented red Mac Bike bicycles, in the busy touristic centre of Amsterdam. The boy and girl in front of the carrier bicycle eating salted chips, and sharing some with dad – Amsterdam Street photography

Central Station selfie

Two ladies friends taking a selfie at Amsterdam Central Station Street Photography

‘We’ve been in Amsterdam’

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Two lady friends in Amsterdam – just arrived at Central Station, so first things first: let the world know… “We’ve been in Amsterdam!” 🙂

Compairing ducky prints

Two ladies comparing prints in a market book stall on the Dam in Amsterdam

Comparing ducky prints


‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Two ladies comparing prints in a market book stall at the Dam in Amsterdam – Ducky prints indeed 🙂

Photo made with my Pentax K10D camera during the street photography workshop with Brendan de Clerk – organised by Olympus and Digifoto Pro on Sunday 13-7-2014


Poster delivery Guys

The posterteam

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Hopping off and on the motorbike’s back seat, to deliver posters in local shops