About me

Hello, my name is Steppeland – well, actually, that’s the pseudonym I like to use for my photographic work. My real name is Lutgarde De Brouwer.
I’m female, Flemish (Northern part of Belgium) and living in the Netherlands, Amsterdam.
I am a general photographer, with special focus on nature photography, street photography and photo journalism. Every now and then, I also do some design and digital artwork , often based on my own photography.
I just love variation, and enjoy discovering new art forms! 🙂


My nature photography has an aesthetic and a documentary aspect – and results from a personal encounter with the subjects I photograph. My work shows the beauty and variety of landscapes, flowers, plants, and animals – and very often at the same time, shares some knowledge about it.

In my street photography and photo-journalistic work, I equally feel connected with the subjects I photograph, feel touched by their personal story, and try to capture some of that in the image… Also here, the sharing of information matters to me – but sometimes, the image itself says enough.

In my blog, I hope to share with you some of my photo’s, and to tell you something about my photographic adventures, as they occur, or connected with the photo’s I upload.

I’m happy that you have taken the time to come and visit my WordPress site. I hope you will like what you find here. Feel free to leave a comment, and to share a link to my work on your social media. I appreciate your support!
Have a nice time to look around, and hopefully, do come back another time!  🙂

Steppeland aka Lutgarde De Brouwer

More of my work can be seen and purchased at “Redbubble”, “DeviantArt” and “500px”

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