My today's sunset 0150

Skies from my balcony

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What I love most about the place where I live, and what I most enjoy every day, is  the sky. From my balcony, I can see the sky from the East, where in the early morning the sun rises, till the West-South-West early where the sun sets on winter evenings. How marvellous is that?! I have a beautiful view outside all day long and I cannot stop photographing that sky and the tree tops, especially in October and November, when I have the best view on both sunrise and sunset. I’ve loads and loads of sky pictures by now, and I definitely will continue collecting them. That’s why I have stopped giving them separate names. They are all called “My today’s sunset” (or sunrise) with a number – and belong all to the same collection: “Skies from my balcony”.

For those who like to use stock images, you’re most welcome to go check out my unrestricted stock account at Deviantart, where you can choose from lots of my skies, and download and use them as stock for free. Just please keep to the very few terms of use 😉 . They make for a great background for photo manipulations or composites, as well as for quotes (as you will see in the second image I post today).  And yes, when looking at a sky like this, it’s not hard to become silent and thankful for all the good received today… The moment of sunset after a well filled day truly is the moment to give thanks!

My today's sunset 0150

My today’s sunset 0150


For all the good things : THANKS

For all the good things : THANKS


Stepping up my game ?

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Yes, I so would like to be able to post a little bit more regularly – let us say…. ehmmm… daily??? OMG – Why is it so hard to commit to that? Only a few sentences and maybe a photo every now and then would be enough, right?

My big difficulty is that I would like to do regular blogs as well on my English as on my Dutch blog. So indeed, that’s double work.  And I’m aware that I am so unreliable when it comes to keeping up with my ‘daily’ resolutions… But why not giving it a try anyway? Shall I start today?… I DID!!

Full moon, photographed on sept. 8, 2014

Full moon, photographed on sept. 8, 2014

Fireworks and New Years resolutions

A new year usually starts with fireworks and good resolutions.

But making a start with good resolutions isn’t always as easy, like… how does one start a photo-blog?

Well… with a photo maybe?

Fireworks! 🙂

New years night, Jan.1, 2012

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