Redbubble 15% Off Calendars and Cards

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As of today, Oct. 9, Redbubble is offering 15% off calendars, greeting cards, and postcards so you can stock up on holiday gifts for your families, friends, and fans with the promo code ARTIST15.

The sale ends on Monday, Oct. 13 at Midnight PDT. 

So if you would like to have a look at some of my Redbubble calendars, feathering some of my best work, this may be the right time to do so. Cards and postcards, you can find here: my Redbubble cards

Redbubble says: “Our Calendars are splendidly large, printed on 200gsm satin paper with a tough cover and extremely handy wire binding and hanger.” – and definitely, the quality of their A3 size calendars is high standard. More product information you can find here: Redbubble: About our calendars .

Underneath you will find the previews of the front- and back cover of each of my calendars, with a link to the calendar description on Redbubble. There you can see all pages of each calendar by clicking the left- and right arrows underneath the front cover image.

Enjoy the browsing, and don’t forget to include the discount code ARTIST15 when you check out!

Colourful SouthEast in black and white

Colourful SouthEast in black and white – by Steppeland

Streets of Amsterdam - by steppeland

Streets of Amsterdam – by steppeland

Zoo Animals - calendar by steppeland

Zoo Animals – by steppeland

The Reed Corner - calendar by Steppeland

The Reed Corner – by Steppeland

by steppeland

Nature all year round – by steppeland

Mysterious Mushrooms - by steppeland

Mysterious Mushrooms – by steppeland

Mood and Light by steppeland

Mood and Light by steppeland

Lets go see the monkeys - by steppeland

Lets go see the monkeys – by steppeland

Flowers all year round - by steppeland

Flowers all year round – by steppeland

Sunday Street Day

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It’s a few weeks now that I skipped posting my Sunday Street photo’s, because I had other things to do that had priority. But I don’t want to forget about it all together. So, although it’s Monday night already, here come my Sunday Street shots.

Till now, I picked two different photo’s for my English and Dutch blog, but as of today, I’ll pick two, and post them on both of my blogs. Here they come 🙂


‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

So where for heaven’s sake am I

Amsterdam street photography - #SundayStreetDay

So where for heaven’s sake am I

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Quench the thirsty

quench the thirsty

Quench the thirsty

Give me one too…

Family, mom dad and kids, with red bicycles eating salted chips - Amsterdam Street photography

Give me one too

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Family, mom, dad and kids, with rented red Mac Bike bicycles, in the busy touristic centre of Amsterdam. The boy and girl in front of the carrier bicycle eating salted chips, and sharing some with dad – Amsterdam Street photography

Central Station selfie

Two ladies friends taking a selfie at Amsterdam Central Station Street Photography

‘We’ve been in Amsterdam’

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Two lady friends in Amsterdam – just arrived at Central Station, so first things first: let the world know… “We’ve been in Amsterdam!” 🙂

Just having a mouthful

Amsterdam Street photography - Icecream eaters in red and blue

Just having a mouthful

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

When it’s hot, it’s hot – and one needs something to cool down, right? 🙂

What, you’re turning your back to me ?!


Lady with blue hat is turning her back to "het Amsterdams Lieverdje" (the Amsterdam sweetheart) - statue on Spui square

What, you’re turning your back to me??!

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Lady with blue hat is turning her back to “het Amsterdams Lieverdje” (“the Amsterdam Little Darling”)) – statue on Spui square. The square is decorated with balloons in the National colours and orange flags, for the Soccer World Championship 2014.


So let’s see what next …


Amsterdam Street photography couple on terrace planning their next move

So let’s see what next


‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

After a long walk through the busy city centre, they finally found a nice terrace. It takes some time before they are served their drink – so in the meantime: Let’s see what next…


Poster delivery Guys

The posterteam

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Hopping off and on the motorbike’s back seat, to deliver posters in local shops

Cheese Tourism

Cheese Tourism - Amsterdam street photography

‘Streets of Amsterdam’-series

Admitted, they are attractive, decorative and delicious, these huge round ‘Old Amsterdam’ cheeses, piled up in the window display, in yellow and black. And great to take home as a gift after a vacation in the Netherlands too!  The old Amsterdam houses reflecting in the shop window and the everywhere present bicycles add to the ‘typical Holland’ atmosphere…


Snowy Owl

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This Snowy Owl was photographed in Pairi Daiza zoo, a marvellous themed zoo on the grounds of a previous abbey in Brugelette, Belgium.

The Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) is a large owl, typically found in the northern circumpolar region, where it makes its summer home north of latitude 60 degrees north. However, it is a particularly nomadic bird, and because population fluctuations in its prey species can force it to relocate, it has been known to breed at more southerly latitudes. (source: Wikipedia )

Snowy Owl - a penny for your thoughts

Snowy Owl – a penny for your thoughts

Snowy Owl - Wize wizzard

Snowy Owl – Wize wizzard